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A rscollection file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed.


A rscollection file does not contain the content to be distributed; it only contains information about those files, such as their names, sizes, folder structure, and cryptographic hash values for verifying file integrity.

  • folder structure
  • files
  • size
  • hash SHA1
  • name
<!DOCTYPE RsCollection>
 <Directory name="upfree26">
  <File size="66538" sha1="d2da911d9bb8574acdf9408100d165b604af023d" name="wubatman_tang.jpg"/>
  <File size="453096" sha1="f7177de4db9539dc7cb0bc56287a742816a54bb3" name="animal_audition.jpg"/>
  <File size="3719327" sha1="497af8313862994836ced6ce45b8afe05509875e" name="upfree26-Track01.mp3"/>
  <File size="5781894" sha1="f9994026b7a4f64e45d851e9407cea44d33e4440" name="upfree26-Track02.mp3"/>
  <File size="7174953" sha1="bde59d27d4155aa68ec1653fb1b5a7e7fdc6e0f9" name="upfree26-Track03.mp3"/>
  <File size="6867132" sha1="fe41399e7e9d23e9c14287d757e4edc323cd0fbd" name="upfree26-Track04.mp3"/>
  <File size="7576847" sha1="8437d792f7a1efac21720f0cf5e4ab11746042a2" name="upfree26-Track05.mp3"/>
  <File size="7034613" sha1="6b6afad6e42737ff3f931e775360fb9fda4942f8" name="upfree26-Track06.mp3"/>
  <File size="6202579" sha1="ea11dcfb0c3a019907afb9e8e62929f9c7a1161f" name="upfree26-Track07.mp3"/>
  <File size="4412669" sha1="851a053a64d316c1ffc96bbe2a4bb3b6b66f89c7" name="upfree26-Track08.mp3"/>
  <File size="2694227" sha1="b915c00c00828e18c06bdfded902711b9a1307f5" name="upfree26-Track09.mp3"/>
  <File size="5151227" sha1="84cd36034f73d5d566cc384b3c95c21f3a249729" name="upfree26-Track10.mp3"/>
  <File size="4345608" sha1="cf49446781badd332ef4979ecbe42c152756e92f" name="upfree26-Track11.mp3"/>

The link to this collection:

# Plain Text of a .rscollection link

rscollection Creation

Go to File Sharing and My Files.There select the directory you want create a .rscollection file. It's important to have the files in a shared directory, so the person to use the .rscollection can access them through turtle-routing.

In this case the upfree26 directory is used to create the rsCollection.
My Files for rscollections

Right click on the directory which should be used for the .rscollection.
rscollection directory

Select a directory where to store the .rscollection file. This directory should also be a shared directory. So the .rsc could also be downloaded as well.
save rscollection to directory

In the editor it's possible to change the content of the .rscollection and to add or remove single files or entire directory trees.
Edit the collection

The .rscollection should be now available in the shared folder.
.rscollection available in the shared folder

When you right click on the file you can copy the link of the .rscollection to the clipboard.
copy rscollection links to clipboard

This link can be pasted into chatrooms, instant messages, mails, channels or directly onto the internet.

# Plain Text of a .rscollection

By rightclicking in the chatroom for example, you can paste the plaintext of the link or already formatted as RetroShare Link.
context menu in Chatroom

A RetroShare link has the function of a magnet link spoken in BitTorrent Terms.

In the chatroom it looks like this for the creator/poster of the link.
post link to chatroom

rscollection Download

You can receive a .rscollection in various ways. Download the file over the internet, get it by e-mail or receive it inside RetroShare ( chatroom, channel, instant message, mail, ...).

If you receive it via chat it looks like this:
receive link in chatroom

So Alice has received a link from Bunny and may click on it to download the .rscollection file. download rscollection

When the download finishes right click it to start the .rscollection.
right click rscollection

A Collection Editor Pop's up to show which files are going to be downloaded. Selection and deselection of single files can be done.
right click rscollection

The files from the .rscollection should pop up in your download tab and start loading if there is a source available.
download rscollection files

Animal Audition - Tracky Birthday upfree26 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US